Arq57 does not mean accommodation at an accessible price, but is the short form for “better slum, for a better life”, an innovative approach for the Indian slums.

This small house of only 57 sqm has been constructed to be able to accommodate an average family of five people. The project was conceived to redesign the interior of a house, in order to improve the quality of people’s lives, at least their private lives.

The slum has been redesigned so as to be able to make the most of every space,
trying to meet customers’ needs.
An open space outside, devoted to a vegetable garden, was created on the top floor in order to help the family to create their own self- sufficiency; on the roof a skylight, passing through the three floors, was realised to give more light inside, thereby granting a significant energy saving.

The construction of internal walls was then conceived with earth bags method. 

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