ALCHIMIA is an esoteric science whose first aim was to turn lead, i.e. what is negative, into gold, that is what is positive in man, to make him rediscover his true “inner nature”. This is the reason for the name of this project: to succeed in turning a waste and thus negative material, such as orange peel, into something useful and positive, such as bioplastics.

This project was born firstly to find a natural solution as an alternative to synthetic plastics and secondly to try to improve the resistance of today’s bioplastics through a natural component. By doing research, I discovered that inside orange peel there is a substance that makes it hard and tough, so I decided to use it to create a new material. From this idea, OrangeBI was born. It is a 100% sustainable material, as it uses industrial processing waste as orange peel (which is a big problem for the environmentas it cannot be easily disposed of); it is not toxic, has no disposal costs, it is degradable in 4 days and, when degrading in the soil, thanks to the enzymes contained in the peel, it is also a good fertilizer for the ground.

OrangiBI can be cast in moulds thanks to its density, its surface can be printedwith digital printers, it assumes very well the textures on which it is laid and canbe thermoformed and laser cut.


A patent for OrangeBI is in the process of being registered