FROM MEX | 2017

The inside of each piece has been created by using a metal mesh. The external part has been created, in the case of the chair, by spraying the material with a compressor. For the vases the external part has been created by pouring the material onto the wire mesh. The colors of each piece are given by natural pigments mixed with OrangeBi material before every processing.


OrangeBi is a material that uses industrial processing waste (orange peels) in organic, ecologic and non-toxic pliable organic matter. The material has a wide range of colors,can be cast in moulds thanks to its density, its surface can be printedwith digital printers, it assumes very well the textures on which it is laid and can be thermoformed and laser cut.

MEX CHAIR - H80 cm P45 cm L55cm


DRIPPING #1 - H50 cm D30cm


DRIPPING #2 - H60 cm D25cm