The world leading company in the field of cork, Amorim, held a workshop to introduce the use of cork into the world of food, by proposing the challenge of conceiving a lunch box made only of cork. Modulo, the first item, is a super ergonomic modular object. It has a container for water, one for the main course and a third for fruits or dessert. Being Sectional, one container is the cap of the other container.

Nomade, on the other hand, is designed to bring the home atmosphere everywhere. Designed with the shape of a placemat, at the centre it has three different containers in ceramic, each with different dimensions.

The inner rectangle in cork is cut into three different strips, on each of which is attached the cap corresponding to the container. Furthermore two small strips of cork fitted into the placemat make room for cutlery. The project was so appreciated in Portugal (where the company is headquartered) that Vogue has published an article about it. The project was exhibited during Fuorisalone 2015.